Who They Are | A Letter From the Founder

Elena Baxter

Letter From the Founder: 

Today is going to be an important day in history. Not for observation, but rather, a day of significance for me. It's the day I decided to join the modern day abolitionist movement. For years I have questioned as to how such atrocities can exist in such an evolved world. There is darkness that abounds, which reflects the depravity of man and there is a hidden enemy hurting humanity. However, in the midst of this broken injustice, I’ve also witnessed heroes rise to slay the dragon. As a Co-Founder of a media platform (launched in 2012), Conscious Magazine, I realized there was major power in telling stories that mattered and an opportunity to divert attention away from sensational headlines, to ones that carried impact. For years, my team and I sought after stories that would inspire one another to seek positivity, peace and ultimately, lead to a ripple effect of change. True to my beliefs, what we put in, we put out, therefore, Conscious was and continues to be a tool to reshape the media landscape. 


There are individuals from all locations, of all circumstances, with names that no one has ever heard of, and this platform is dedicated to telling the stories of who they are. My desire is to join this movement by helping to raise awareness of human trafficking, challenge the way we think as a society, unite masses and tell the stories of the once victimized, as well as the courageous individuals that will inspire action and hope. And maybe, this bitter earth may not be so bitter after all. Because where there is darkness, there is light and light shines brighter and more boldly.


To you who was once a victim and now pleads on behalf of the many encamped in slavery, to you who answered the call to join the fight, to you who is banging on the doors of government and demanding to break the 30 million chains, your heroism has my attention and your sacrifice deserves my support.


I have passed the point of no return, and I ask that you hold me accountable. I cannot turn my back to what I know.


With Care,

Elena Baxter


“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

― William Wilberforce

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