The Power of Artisan Made | 3 reasons why we should invest in the Artisan Economy

Elena Baxter

There isn’t an industry that hasn’t been bruised by the great novel pandemic, which blew in like a mighty wind and left us to pick up the pieces. As we begin to rise again, one can put great confidence in the ingenuity of humanity and within the hands of the creative communities and entrepreneurs. We can also look to a group of individuals that use their craft to bring the stories of their culture to life, while creating value and growth potential in the global economy: the Artisans. 

Artisans are producers of small goods who operate and own their production to make a sustainable living from their trade. Artisans create with their hands and touch nearly every industry: clothing, wood, jewelry, textiles, decor and more with their heritage woven into every article they create. 

According to Global Woman Artisans (GWA), since 2017, the artisan sector has reached a value of $526.5 billion and is the second largest employer in the developing world. What that means is, Artisans will be a force to rebuild the global economy, and will continue to grow rapidly. With the handicrafts market shifting from ethnic to contemporary design, increased demand by offices, hospitals and hotels and the removal of barriers through technology, the global handicrafts market is expected to reach $984.8 Billion by 2023

Aside from the impact the artisan producers have on the global economy, there are additional benefits to shopping artisan made goods.

1. Economic Opportunity and Sustainability 
Opportunity allows men and women producers to support themselves and their family’s through sustainable economic growth, without having to sacrifice the important roles within their families and communities. Opportunity also reduces the risk of exploitation and human trafficking.

2. Transparency 
Artisans offer an alternative to less harmful industries such as fast fashion that create horrific working environments, unfair wages, exploit men, women and children for labor and create negative long term effects on the environment.  

3. Cultural Preservation
According to Someone Somewhere, “Artisans possess skills passed down from generations within their communities and create products that uphold their tradition and are expressions of their culture”… and “are goods created to communicate items of deep traditional or symbolic meaning, or follow an ideology, express a cultural identity or the heritage of a society.”

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Plant Hanger Bitan (set of 2) by Korissa

A beautiful planet deserves a beautiful hanger and planter. Bring life to your room by hanging a plant with this handmade natural decorative jute hanger. Each product is sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.


           Plant Hanger Bitan


Handcrafted Upcycled Leather Berlin Backpack
Handcrafted by artisans using premium quality genuine genuine leather with oil pull up effect.




Andes Crossbody Bag by Korissa
A real jewel "Toquilla straw bag" from the Andes you can carry with you anywhere. Keep your cell phone and keys close at hand all day long with this must-have style. Every detail is 100% handwoven by women artisans in Ecuador


Khmer Temple Ring by Slate + Salt
Turning war into peace, this fierce statement ring features a traditional Khmer pattern and gives back to a community once devastated by bombing. It is highly polished and handcast by a vulnerable artisan group in Cambodia from recycled brass bombshells. 


Handcrafted Woven Stripe Turkish Throw
 by Slate + Salt

Handcrafted. Add texture and contrast to your home decor with a super cozy Woven Stripe Turkish Throw. These chunky blankets are heavier and larger than our other Turkish throws and feature an intricate stripe pattern with hand knotted fringe.




Kata Shoulder Bag by Korissa
Never go wrong with a classic - Easy to carry around, roomy around for all your essential. Each product is sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.



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