I'm excited to announce that this June 2019, on behalf of Who They Are, I will be heading to Cambodia in partnership with the Nomi Network and the Nomi International Fashion Training (NIFT) program to provide entrepreneurial and marketing skills to at-risk and survivors of human trafficking in Phnom Penh.  There are so many ways that you can get involved, includingDONATING to this exciting opportunity to provide the tools necessary for women to lift themselves out of poverty in order to support themselves and their families



Fundraising Goal: $10,000

+Materials for women participating in the program
+Grant & scholarship donation to Nomi Network
+Asia based NGO tour (Organizations TBD)

+Media expenses (videographer, photographer)



Nomi Network is an NGO that fights human trafficking in Cambodia by providing education opportunities and development programs for survivors and women at risk of exploitation. Nomi Network shares Who They Are's vision of a world without slavery, where every woman can know her full potential. To achieve this vision, they have created a comprehensive training program in Phnom Penh called the Nomi International Fashion Training (NIFT). NIFT partners with local and international social service providers and enterprises, offering an array of fashion and business courses which support disadvantaged women and survivors’ reintegration and financial independence by equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and technical skills.



+Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia and long-term economic development remains a daunting challenge inhibited by endemic corruption, limited human resources, high-income inequality, and poor job prospects. 9

+Cambodia has a very young population—nearly 50% of the country is  under 25 years old, and less than 10% is over 55 years old.  This is a direct result of the Khmer Rouge, the brutal genocide of the mid-1970s that killed more than one-quarter of the country’s population, eliminating a generation of older citizens.9

+Debt plays a significant role in trafficking, as children from poor families become highly vulnerable to forced labor in order to repay  their families debt.



This June, I will travel to Cambodia for a whole week to educate survivors and at-risk women in foundations of entrepreneurship and marketing. I'll also be traveling around Cambodia to meet other NGO's, tour ethical factories, and hear the stories of survivors of human trafficking.

When asked to partner with Nomi Network, I just knew that it was something I had to say yes to. For years I’ve written about organizations supporting the efforts to combat human trafficking and I’ve prayed for victims and survivors, and now I’m actually going to spend time with them and help them build their futures. In a way, this opportunity is a dream come true.


If you'd like to partner with Who They Are, below are several opportunities:

Event Partnership (APRIL 4, 2019-NYC)

+Venue Space
+Food and/or drink
+Gift bag products


Financial Partnership
+Donor Matching (dates to be determined)
+One-time donation

+Travel sponsorship
*Who They Are is currently pending a 501c(3) status and all donations are tax deductible


Media Partnership
+Photographer/editor for event

+Videographer/editor for event

+Co-marketing event and trip


Partnership Includes

Brand logo and write up to be included in all marketing material
+Outreach emails
+Featured in articles on Who They Are and Conscious Magazine
+Social media event marketing (before and after)

*Further partnership opportunities for the Cambodia trip upon request.


To get involved, contact!


Nomi Network has operated in Cambodia since 2009, providing training and capacity building for local organizations and social enterprises that serve survivors  and women at risk of human trafficking.  Their three-story office in the capital city of Phnom Penh houses their Fashion Incubator where their Nomi International Fashion Training (NIFT) coursework takes place.  For the second year, Nomi Network has brought its training to new partners located in a resort town near the Ruins of Angkor in Siem Reap, where cross-border trafficking for forced labor and commercial sex runs rampant. Nomi Network Fashion Incubator is an urban-based program which focuses on working with existing social service providers and enterprises to strengthen reintegration for survivors, business growth, job creation, and market competitiveness.

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