5 Truths to Encourage Your Heart This Week

Elena Baxter

Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 

We are constantly up against the strongholds of discouragement. It’s far too easy to find a news article, receive a passive comment or feel the weight of the novelty pandemic to bring you into a state of fear or worry. And while we can find ways to distract us (TV, texting, shopping, etc.), sometimes we have to be intentional to keep ourselves uplifted. One way is through the powerful act of encouragement.

When it comes to woes, sometimes we need to just get out of our own heads and get up and do the next thing. Other times, we need the support of a loving friend or family member to help us through. Whatever level or difficulty you find yourself in, let’s start with these five truths everyone should remind themselves of daily. And one truth we have is HOPE. Hope that you are seen, known and loved by a God that is full of grace and peace. We pray you keep your eyes and heart on hope.

ONE: Your were fearfully and wonderfully made. 


TWO: Your life has purpose and meaning. 


THREE: You are loved and cherished. 


FOUR: You are smart, strong and gifted. 


FIVE: You can learn from your past, but you don't have to stay there. 


Let not your heart be troubled. We hope you are encouraged and that you will share this with someone that needs to hear it today! 

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